MSI G2712 Review | The New 27-inch King?

Our Conclusion

With its excellent responsiveness and contrast ratio, the MSI G2712 stands out as one of the top 2024 options for the best 27-inch budget monitor available. Of course, it lacks competitive-level responsiveness features, and if you require them, you may have to go with something like the ASUS VG27VQM but, for what it costs and what it delivers, it is without a doubt one of the best.


1ms MPRT

 Relatively High contrast ratio

 Vibrant colors

 One of the most affordable 27″


✘ Cheap materials

 High min peak brightness

The debate over whether a 27-inch 1080p display has an acceptable PPI level is always contentious. Some may think it is sufficient, but others, particularly those who have previously used a higher PPI, may find the stretched pixels extremely jarring.

And if you believe it’s acceptable, I’ve got a great release for you today. This new MSI monitor is a 27-inch variant of the well-known yet recently released MSI G2412, one of the best budget displays available this year. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what this monitor has to offer in today’s msi g2712 review.

MSI G2712 Review


When it comes to appearance, the MSI G2712 is identical to its younger sibling, the MSI G2412. Both have the same brushed plastic design on the back and a red joystick controller for navigating the menu. 

The only difference between the two is that this one is somewhat larger because of the 27-inch size. Aside from that, it may be difficult to discern during regular use, but this model has some thinner bezels, particularly the three-sided ones. You may compare the two displays side by side below. 

The nicest feature of this monitor is that it is one of the thinnest 27-inch monitors available, which contributes to its basic and modern design. 

It’s all matte black. And, while we never tire of underlining how overused this color is, we can’t deny that it works and is the chosen option for the majority of customers. 

The stand has the same sleek vibes: it’s V-shaped and not too wide, making it less space-consuming. However, this stand only provides tilt adjustment, so if you want additional ergonomy, consider adding another one to the equation. 

Fortunately, this monitor features VESA compatibility, allowing you to utilize a side stand or mount it on the wall without trouble. 

When you get this monitor out of the box, you’ll note that the materials, particularly the plastic, don’t give off a high-end vibe. To be fair, the materials are probably the only negative aspect of this monitor’s design, since they may detract from the monitor’s “premium” appearance depending on your preferences. But in the end, we can only expect so much from a low-cost 27-inch screen.


That couldn’t be more accurate when we check its connectors out. It only has the bare minimum to fare well in this affordable category environment with 1x Display port, 2x HDMI, and 1x Headphone out.


Panel type

I have to admit that I was expecting much less from a cheap IPS screen, and it impressed me far more than the latest 27-inch monitors we’ve reviewed.

As we all know, the IPS is well-known for its high color accuracy and wide viewing angles, making it ideal for media makers and editors.

However, not every IPS in every monitor is the same, and the variation is frequently tied to the monitor’s pricing. It’s not a rule of thumb, but when you see an IPS on a high-end monitor, you can be confident that it will have incredible color accuracy.

However, the opposite is also true, and when you see a cheap monitor with an IPS screen, you tend to anticipate the worst.

We’ll discuss color accuracy in greater detail in the section on picture quality, but first, we need to address the IPS glow.

When I tested this display in a completely dark room with 100% brightness, I was a little taken aback. As opposed to certain displays, like the: MSI G244F, the IPS glow was not as prominent. Yes, it was still there, but getting acclimated to it requires climbing a much lesser mountain. Apart from that, as anticipated, the viewing angles were excellent.


Now, brightness is undoubtedly not the finest feature the MSI G2712 offers. Not only does it have a maximum nit count of just 250, but its minimum nit level is rather high at 140. Therefore, avoid this one if you are sensitive to bright displays in any way.

Regretfully, this monitor didn’t do so well in our daytime tests. The low quantity of nits and widespread glare made it quite difficult to see anything on the screen.

Its 24-inch counterpart had the same problem, and similar to that one, we had to place the monitor far away from the window in order to utilize it properly.

For the majority of users, this brightness level may be sufficient in a dark space, but you should absolutely consider the low nits count. Using the monitor in a dimly lit area with high brightness causes the IPS glow to become much more noticeable, which can put a damper on our experience with this monitor.

In order to get deeper and more consistent blacks, I suggest using this monitor with the lights on or getting a VA panel like the one seen here: Acer ED273UR.

Refresh rate and Response time

The responsiveness elements are undoubtedly what we would most want to see carried over from the 24-inch model into this one.

We encountered some problems with immersion and pixel density in our gaming testing with this display; however, we will go more into that in the next section. 

Its response time and refresh rate, however, were one of the few things that didn’t let us down. Since this display is obviously not designed with competitive gaming in mind, we largely tested it with titles that are meant for leisure play. 

However, it is undeniable that the fast-paced ones allowed this monitor to shine. Motion blur is minimal because of its 1 ms MPRT, which is almost twice as quick as a typical 5 ms GTG monitor. 

This function was hampered by 170 Hz, which is undoubtedly a nice feature but makes motion blur easier to detect than, example, 240 Hz. This, together with the monitor’s 27-inch size, leaves it well out of the reach of professional gamers. 

In any case, there’s not much to be upset about here if we’re just playing for fun because it won’t really matter that much in the end. This improved responsiveness helped even the story-heavy games with a small amount of action and camera movement, and the increased smoothness made them really enjoyable to play.

One of the nicest things about the MSI G2712 is that its full HD resolution means you don’t really need the most powerful GPU available to appreciate its full potential. It’s true that there is a little catch, and we will now address that. 

  • This monitor has the Freesync anti-tearing technology with a 60hz to 170hz range.

Image Quality

While 1080p resolution is beneficial in certain ways, such as making it easier to use older GPUs, it is a double-edged sword behind the scenes.

The Full HD resolution is certainly not among the greatest in terms of PPI, and the monitor’s 27-inch size only makes matters worse. With a 27-inch 1080p monitor like this one, the pixels on the screen are stretched out to meet the screen’s inches, making them much easier to view. As a result of the slightly unclear visuals during gaming sessions, you will not experience a high level of immersion.

This can be slightly lessened by increasing the distance between you and the monitor, as the farther you go, the more difficult it will be to see the pixels and the image will appear cleaner to your eyes.

This is primarily why some people prefer 1440p for 27-inch displays because the pixel density is adequate at a regular viewing distance.

Sure, as with everything else here, this is a matter of personal preference, and some may not even notice the difference, but if you were used to a 24-inch 1080p or a 27-inch 1440p display before moving to this one, you will undoubtedly dislike it.

Anyway, moving on to the positive aspects, we have its higher contrast, which is another not-so-common feature to find for budget-friendly IPS displays.

IPSs often range from 1000:1 to 1100:1, which may seem like a small increase, but it makes a significant effect.

When compared to another budget IPS, such as the Dell SE2723DS, you’ll note that the blacks on this one are more vivid, providing you’re utilizing around 80% brightness, because anything higher than that causes the IPS glow to kick in.

The colors, on the other hand, do not go against the grain and remain consistent with this type of display. While they are vibrant out of the box, they will require calibration if you intend to use them for professional purposes, as they must be accurate.

The green tones are fairly prominent out of the box, however, the blue and red tones are more subdued, so after you get your hands on this monitor, consider turning the greens down a little.

MSI G2712 ReviewFinal thoughts

When to buy it

While the market for 27-inch budget displays is crowded, they were wise to include several features that will set the MSI G2712 apart from the competition.

It has an excellent contrast ratio, but its 1ms MPRT takes the cake. So, if you want a gaming monitor with good responsiveness but aren’t looking to compete in the professional arena, this is the best and most reasonable option available right now.

On the other hand, if you require an even greater level of responsiveness and are prepared to invest a little more money, the ASUS VG27VQM may be more suitable.

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