GTX 1650 Super vs Rx 570 | Which one to buy in 2020?

The Rx 570 and Gtx 1650 Super are undoubtedly one of the best entry-level graphics cards nowadays. Their considerably low price draws the attention of those looking for performance without taking much out of pocket. If you have questions about which one to buy in 2020, today we will see comparisons of these two cards (Rx 570 vs Gtx 1650 Super) considering not only the performance of each one but also the price, the power consumption, among other things. Follow below.


Rx 570Gtx 1650 S
Base Clock 1168 MHz
Boost Clock1244 MHz
Memory Speed
7 Gbps
12 Gbps
Memory size4Gb 4Gb
Memory Type (GPU)Gddr 5Gddr 6
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)
224 GB/s
Memory Interface256-bit
Graphics card power150W100W
PSU Recommendation

One of the main advantages of the Gtx 1650 Super over the Rx 570 is the memory type, with GDDR 6, significantly increasing the memory speed to 12 Gbps while the Rx 570 has 7 Gbps. Another great advantage of the Gtx 1650 S is the standard clock: 1530Mhz with boost up to 1725Mhz.
About prices, the Gtx 1650 Super cost currently 20 dollars more than the Rx570 being: Gtx 1650: $170.00, Rx 570: $150.
Knowing that the Gtx 1650 Super came out ahead, let’s go to the benchmarks to see if it is worth these 20 dollars more.


All tests will be done using a Ryzen 7 3700x with 32 GB of ram and in full HD, so there will be no limit for the video card, and it will be able to work with ease, giving the maximum performance possible

In most games, except some heavier ones, the Rx 570 was able to keep up with the Gtx 1650 Super above 60 fps, also it is interesting to note that, in Battlefield 5, the Rx 570 was even better than the Gtx 1650 Super.

If you have a monitor above 75 Hz it is recommended that you opt for the Gtx 1650 Super, which has a great potential to reach these frame rates, not being the case; the game above 60 fps would not make much difference in your gameplay.

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