Best 4K Graphics card? | Rtx 3080 Review.

The recently announced Rtx 3000 line was finally launched, and with this, the definitions of the video card with the most performance today have been updated. The RTX 3090 is the toughest today, but it isn’t recommended for gaming. So, today we are going to review the Rtx 3080, a card that promises to run all games in 4k on ultra with Ray tracing on, without DLSS, and also with high frame rates. But is it true? We will see if it is really the best 4k graphics card and other things in the review below, like 8k tests and comparisons with the 2080ti. Check out.

To start. This card, as stated above, is a recommended graphics card for 4k; that is, if you want to buy it to play in 1080p or 2k, I would recommend the previous ones like the Rtx 3060, 3070. Soon I will do tests with these video cards in these resolutions. Going back to Rtx 3080, check out below the technical specifications of this card before we go on to the performance tests.

Technical specifications

Nvidia Cuda Cores8704
Boost Clock up to 1.71 Ghz
Base Clock1.44 Ghz
Standard memory config10 GB GDDR6X
Memory Interface Width320-bit
Process Size8 nm
Bandwidth760.3 GB/s
HDMI 2.1Yes
DirectX12 Ultimate
Maximum Digital Resolution7680×4320
Graphics Card Power320 W
Required System Power 750 W

We will now see the specifications of this board side by side with the Rtx 2080ti:

Rtx 2080tiRtx 3080
Nvidia Cuda Cores43528704
Boost Clock up to 1.54 Ghzup to 1.71 Ghz
Base Clock1.35 Ghz1.44 Ghz
Standard memory config11 GB GDDR610 GB GDDR6X
Process Size12 nm8 nm
Memory Interface Width352-bit320-bit
Bandwidth616.0 GB/s760.3 GB/s
HDMI 2.1YesYes
DirectX12 Ultimate (12_2)12 Ultimate (12_2)
Maximum Digital Resolution7680×43207680×4320
Graphics Card Power250 W320 W
Required System Power 650 W750 W
Shading Units43528704
Pixel Rate136.0 GPixel/s164.2 GPixel/s
Texture Rate420.2 GTexel/s465.1 GTexel/s
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About the design of this card now, if you will like it or not, depend on the taste of each one. Also, remembering that there are several versions from different manufacturers.

This version is the founder edition. Comment down below your favorite version of this card. Check now the other designs of this video card:

4K Benchmarks

Finally, we will see benchmark tests with this card in games. We’ll start with tests in native 4K, and I will also leave a note with the performance on 2k of each game. The pc used will be an i9 10900k with 32gb ram.

The remastered version of the game known by the meme: can it run Crysis, proved to be really hard to play in 4k, even with the RTX 3080. But in 2k, the averages were above 60 fps in the very high preset. Already on the can it run Crysis preset, the average was 50-55. I recommend using only at very high since there was not so much quality of increase.

This game managed to run on 95 fps range, at 2k, maximum quality. Reaching up to 140 fps in some areas.

The RTX 3080 managed to run this game pretty well, in 4k, maintaining a good part of the game above 70, and in graphics demanding areas, it kept above 60. Last, at 2k, it ran above 90 fps.

The RTX 2080 ti did very well in that game, keeping over 60 in 4k. Again the 3080 was able to easily keep above 70 fps. In 2k, the game was over 95.

8K benchmarks

We will now see tests in 8k. Remembering that for this card, the 4k is recommended, but it managed to do pretty well despite that. Check it out below:

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As seen, if you are looking for a card to play any game in 4k, with ray tracing on, this is the best 4k graphics card. At least current games, this card can run in 4k Ultra. Although If you intend to play in 8k, this card can handle close to 60 fps only in some cases, and in others, you can lock at 30 fps with the graphics on low. Since you intend to play at 2k or below, I would recommend checking out the RTX 3070, or even the 3060 for 1080p.

Remembering that this card just launched, then prices may yet decrease or increase. If you are interested in this card, I would recommend you to go through the affiliate links below it would be of great help.

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